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"We don't want to make the most Tequila.
We want to make the best Tequila."
-Saúl Ocampo

Trianon has been made in Amatitan for three generations using passed-down traditions and techniques that were born in this region.

Trianon Tequila only comes from the "heart" of the barrel. The "heart" is the purest liquid in the barrel. They never use the head or tail, as it gets in the way of the taste.

Patience is nothing new to Trianon. Mexican law requires Resposado Tequila to age for two months and Anejo Tequila to age for twelve months. At Trianon they age their Resposado Tequila for six months and their Anejo Tequila for eighteen months in a blend of American and French oak.

Not a single bottle of Trianon leaves without the approval of Alejandro Ocampo and Saúl Ocampo.

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