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About Us

About Us

Pangea Wine & Spirits Inc,

Our philosophy is quite simple. Certified Gluten-Free, non-GMO is not just a "trend" to us. It's a way of life. Motivated by personal experience, we represent brands that have purpose and provide a solution.

We source and sell small production, hand crafted, high quality adult beverages. Our Wine and Spirit Makers attention to detail, combined with the love of their craft, is what sets them apart from the "ordinary, everyday". Finding these gems certainly take some digging, but it's worth it.

We're not for everybody and we're okay with that. For our customers who seek adult beverages that are unique, match current trends and provide an option, then Pangea Wine & Spirits is for you.

At the end of the day, you deserve to enjoy your night too. We're Certified Gluten-Free so we don't leave anyone behind.

49th Parallel

El Llano Extra Anejo - Aged 3 years in burnt White Oak barrels.

Tiburon Rum - Premium Crafted Aged Rum "The Spirit of Belize"

Trianon Tequila - Small batch tequila using only the heart of the barrel.

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